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A Contrarian Point of View

Obama and Company are on the warpath, promising to get back for the American taxpayer those record profits made possible by the TARP program, which the American people DID NOT SUPPORT.

Have there been record profits? Not according to Valueline, who estimates $24 billion in profits for the major banks in 2009, down from $66.6 billion in 2006.

Yet the rhetoric is being used to stir the folks up who feel those profits are theirs. Obama gave an angry press conference today, stating that he was going to get that money back from the American taxpayer. The only problem is that the money will also be coming from the American Taxpayer.

Read the story “Obama Unveils Proposal on Bank Taxes”.

Ayn Rand could not have selected a better title for this proposal if she were still alive.

My only question for you is how long will the American public continue to fall for this insanity?


A Conflict of Interest

Today it seems the witchhunt is anyone who may have a conflict of interest.  One’s own interest is considered to be selfish, which is generally the definition of the word. Ayn Rand wrote in 1964 "that the ethics of altruism has attempted to make men accept two inhuman tenets: (a) that any concern with one’s own interest is evil, regardless of what those interests might be…"

We have gone from a society of innocent until proven guilty to one of guilty if there is a potential conflict of interest.  No one is trusted to do the right thing, for we are all considered so selfish as to put our needs ahead of everyone else.  This logic is flawed, and if allowed to continue will destroy the nation we live in.  Why is it we fear that someone will not put their personal issues aside IF they have sworn an oath to do just that?

We have local commissions with commissioners disqualified because they own land in their communities.  Where are we supposed to get individuals to fill these positions? From outside the county? We have even gotten to the point where analysts are afraid to own stocks in the very companies they are recommending you and I to buy.  If they do not believe that the profit potential is greater in the company than in the fees they will generate recommending it, do I really want to own it? 

Unfortunately we no longer believe anyone will do the right thing.  We have become afraid of each other.  Without trust, we have nothing. The collective society is convincing the majority that the individual cannot be trusted.


When is a libertarian NOT a libertarian?  When they begin to talk about new taxes on individuals that will pay for projects not used by those individuals.  That is exactly what Neil Boortz is talking about when he talks about privitizing the airport.  Most steps towards the privatization of services performed by government are to do them better and at a lower cost.  What Boortz is touting is revenue generation at the airport, and then transferring that to another location to pay for sewer upgrades.   There is not a vault of cash at the airport that is merely waiting for trucks to carry it to the city of Atlanta.  Instead, businesses will have to collect a little extra to pay the fees they encounter.  That will come from the users of the Atlanta airport, and from no one else.  

A libertarian would want the sewer system users to pay for their own upgrades.   Boortz wants a transfer of wealth from the airport patron to the city of Atlanta resident to pay for what the resident has not paid for over the years.  

Now that he is a resident of the city of Atlanta, it seems ok to tax someone for something that is not their problem, and use that revenue to solve their own problems.


The Supreme Court is going to review the Pledge of Allegience and the use of the word God.  What they should consider is whether small children, who do not understand the words and what they mean, should be forced to recite it at all.  Adults, they understand it and can do so at their own will.  But the children are indoctrinated blindly, and are forced to repeat something over and over that they do not even understand.  Some churches wait for a youth to be able to become a full member of the church until they are old enough(usually the early teens) to recite the creeds and become a full member.  Should not this nation under God also use the same approach for the pledge? 

Here is a solution that tackles both traffic problems and teen driving.  A sixteen year old has not contributed any funds to road construction and infrastructure.  The roads are already overburdened by drivers.  We have a transit system that is underutilized.  So, let's begin raising the driving age one year at a time until the infrastructure has caught up, and we will have a group of young citizens that can begin to use the mass transit we have paid for.  Of course, if you live in an area with no mass transit and get to a real paying job, verifiable by check stubs, then you may get a waiver.  But if you quit that job, the waiver expires.  Isn't it time we do something to save these teens?  After all, it is for their own good!

Atlanta Traffic Sucks....see  what is NOT being done Click Here!

Tired of this kind of behavior? Then check out http://www.self-gov.org

Do you really own what you buy?  Not if it is music or videos.  If the music and movie industries want to change the way we use what we own, then let their advertising reflect that.  Do not mislead us with "Own your copy of Lord of the Rings today". 

The Constitution of the United States of America

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The Bill of Rights

The Declaration of Independence

DID YOU KNOW that in the state of Georgia, your corneas can be harvested without you or your families permission after your death? And, they do not even have to let you know that they have done this? What's next?

What is the deal with traffic lights?  Have you ever stopped to think who gets priority at intersections?  Or whether or not they are efficient?  Well, most are not.  We have intersections where there are six lanes going straight and two lanes turning left(three and one in each direction).  Instead of having the two lanes waiting on the six, we have the six lanes waiting on the two.  Very inefficient.  Who thought this is the way to do it?  This could easily be corrected.

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